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Our Story

The Florida Keys Scenic Highway (FKSH) corridor runs from Mile Marker 110, north of the spectacular Jewfish Creek Bridge, to Mile Marker 0 in Old Town Key West. The scenic highway corridor also extends five miles on each side of the highway. So, the FKSH truly encompasses all of the Florida Keys, its natural wonders, and its communities.

Through efforts beginning in 1996 with numerous public meetings and workshops to create the Corridor Management Plan, the FDOT designated the FKSH a Florida Scenic Highway in 2001. In 2007, the Florida Keys Scenic Corridor Alliance (FKSCA) was established as the corridor management entity responsible for implementing the goals and objectives concerning the FKSH. The FKSCA completed its Corridor Management Plan Five-Year Update in fall of 2008 and applied for designation in the National Scenic Byways Program. The FKSCA proved our highway corridor meets the designation criteria of being considered a “destination unto itself” and “providing an exceptional travel experience.” Our scenic and recreational intrinsic qualities “are those which best represent the nation, are nationally recognized, and contain one-of-a-kind features that do not exist elsewhere.” The Florida Keys Scenic Highway is a natural fit. In October 2009, the Federal Highway Administration designated the Florida Keys Scenic Highway as an All-American Road – the highest status in the National Scenic Byways System and one of only 31 in the whole country.

What We Do

The Florida Keys Scenic Corridor Alliance (FKSCA) is the Corridor Management Entity for the Florida Keys Scenic Highway (FKSH). We work to preserve, protect, and enhance the intrinsic resources found on the FKSH corridor by monitoring, implementing, and updating strategies defined in the Corridor Management Plan. The FKSCA works through partnerships and agreements with other organizations as well as serves as an advocate for the intrinsic resources found along the FKSH. The FKSCA places emphasis on attracting and educating byway visitors from around the world. Our marketing and interpretive efforts heighten awareness of the globally unique scenic and recreational elements of the Florida Keys.

Who can Participate?

Anyone who has an interest in the Scenic Highway corridor and the Florida Keys community should become an FKSCA member. Members include:

  • Residents
  • Businesses
  • Civic Groups
  • Government Representatives

The FKSCA maintains program momentum, fosters community support, and ensures compliance with the state and national programs to retain our designations. Recognition and civic pride gained from All-American Road designation is just the beginning. Establishing a vision for the corridor and community helps to ensure that the “quality of life” in the Florida Keys can be maintained. The integration of program and funding sources for designated corridors promotes resource protection, economic development and increased tourism for surrounding communities.

We invite you to become a member of the FKSCA and provide your support and influence in the stewardship and development of our unique transportation corridor. To request a membership application, please email: Flkeysscenichighway@gmail.com.